Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Time

So let me just tell you I'm obsessed with holidays. Holiday decorations, holiday cooking, holiday festivities I love it all. So for Halloween we did a lot of fun festivities.I made Cake Pops, Halloween themed dinners and carved pumpkins, dressed up and had a grand ole time! It was really fun!

Jack O' Lanterns, Mummies, Candy Corns, Ghosts, Witches, Cats and Frankenstein! 
Our Pumpkins...and watermelon! haha

Mayzie as a Bat!

our pumpkins on halloween night.

Scarface and Peacock

Ghost Shepards Pie!

Hot Dog Mummies!

best pet costume ever!

Hope Everyone had an amazing Halloween celebration!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gumpaste Dafodill

So back in June when I won the cake decorating contest I did, I got this cool package of gumpaste flower cutters and a book that gives great instruction on how to do each flower. It's called Wilton beautiful gum paste flowers..

So i decided to give it a try since last night in my cake decorating class we made mums, daisies and fantasy flowers I wanted to see what else I could make. 

I decided to make daffodils.

this is what they are "supposed" to look like ....
These are the cutouts that will be used to make the daffodils.
you will need to make two of these cutouts for one daffodil.
Then you roll out the sides but leave a point on each petal. (or try, its a little hard to do until you get the hang of it.)
After you've done both parts you can glue them together with a little water and place them in a cupcake baking cup. (If you would like the petals to be straight you can leave them on a flat surface.)

Then its time to make the middle of the flower. Cut out a piece of orange gum paste (or whichever color you would like) with the cutter B that's pictured above. Then Roll out the piece up and then down to lengthen it out.  After this you will ruffle the edges with whichever tool you have on hand. 
Then you are going to connect the sides and then push together the bottom, after this you will stick a finger into the hole and push the gumpaste down to make it flat.
You can also use a tool with a rounded edge to push the bottom down and flatten it.
Then glue the orange piece onto the yellow flower and there you go!
I think it turned out pretty well for my first try!

My Previous Cakes!

I wanted to post all the cakes I've made since the beginning of the year. you can see the progress I've made over the past 8 months! 

This is the first cake I made after getting interested in Cake decorating. It was for my friend Cheyenne's birthday right before new years. It was really simple because I didn't know any techniques or how to use any of the tools, but I think it sparked me to take a cake decorating class finally. 

 In March I took my first cake decorating class at Hobby Lobby. I had been wanting to take a class for literally YEARS but I finally did it and I'm so glad that I did. It gave me the opportunity to learn and do something I really enjoy. Cake decorating has become such a fun hobby for me.

This was the final cake I made in my cake decorating basics class. It was very interesting looking with all the random colors. very nontraditional.

This was my brother Christian's birthday cake and the first cake I ever covered with fondant! I think it turned out very cute! He loves trolli bright crawler octopus candy so i hung the octopus on metal cake hangers.
This was my boyfriend Shaun's 21st Birthday Cake! It was a lot of fun because I put little bottles of alcohol all over it. He really enjoyed it!
This was a simple round cake I made for my boss Cheryl's birthday.

Hobby Lobby did a "Willy Wonka Cake Challenge". This was my first cake decorating competition so I didn't know what to expect our how "far out" I should go for it. I went pretty extravagant compared to the other contestants haha I should have toned it down, but it was a TON of fun though and I really enjoyed it.

This was my first time making fondant sculptures. I thought they were so adorable :)
And I won first place! :)
This is probably my favorite cake I've made. It was just so fun and had my favorite things on it. Dragonflies and Flowers! Also I made this cake for my favorite person in the world, my mom! so making it for her was really special to me :)

This next cake I made for my friend Brittney's 24th birthday. She's getting OLD! haha  She wanted a beetle juice themed cake so this is what I came up with last minute. Honestly I wasn't "feeling" making this cake, but I'm glad it turned out cute so it was worth the efforts and she loved it and that's what matters most! 


This next cake was my most recent cake. I made this cake for my sister Chloe's 20th birthday. It was litterally a pain in the butt. I made my first home made marshmallow fondant and it was a challenge for sure. The fondant didn't get hard enough so when I put it on the cake it didn't stay in place and cracked all over the place. I was about to give up on it but I did my best to "cover up" my mistakes. I have found out that I'm really good at over-decorating to cover up my mistakes. haha. It was a pretty detailed cake for sure! This cake was absolutely DELISH. It was this amazing chocolate cake recipe that I will have to share soon!

And this is what my cake creating journey has been over the past 8 months! :) I have to make two cakes this upcoming week so I'll post them also! :)

My First Blogg!

Hey everybody, I've never blogged before but I think it would be a great outlet for me to show everyone all the things I do. I'm interested in soo many things. I love baking, cooking, jewlery, painting, and anything crafty. I think that I can show you guys alot of interesting ways to do things that I come up with. I hope its enjoyable :) and I hope that I can figure out how this blogging thing works. hah.